Friday, October 23, 2009

Want to reduce your environmental impact? Share your experiences with the Huffington Post

Last Sunday, the Huffington Post launched "No Impact Week", asking people to follow a detailed program over the course of a week designed to reduce their ecological impact. Each day of the week, participants have been asked to commit to one goal, such as reducing trash or commuting to work without adding carbon to the environment. The inspiration for the program was "No Impact Man", an activist in New York who committed to living for one year in which his daily lifestyle made no impact whatsover on the environment.

Throughout the week, participants have been asked to share YouTube videos explaining what is motivating them to meet these goals. To collect and display these video submissions, the Huffington Post is using a syndicated version of our upload platform that allows users to upload videos to YouTube straight from the Huffington Post's website. Here are a few examples of videos that have come in so far.

Tomorrow, which has been declared an International Day of Climate Action, there will a reported 4000+ environment rallies being held all over the world -- and the Huffington Post is asking for your videos documenting the events and capturing the action from the scene.

Visit their page to learn more and submit your videos.


Anonymous said...

No, I attend a synagogue rather than a Globalwarmist church. It's amazing how the sepaation of church and state gets thrown out the window when it comes to the unsubstianiated, false, Globalwarmist religion! The climate has always changed and will always change. You can't suddrenly lock it in place by praying to your god, Algore, or by holding your breath (not emitting CO2).

Anonymous said...

We are killing the environment and ourselves. Please see what is happening in Dominican Republic at

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