Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanks YouTube! 140,000 Children Have Lunch Because of You

Last Friday, on World Food Day, we asked you, the online billion, to turn your YouTube views into action to feed the billion hungry people in the world.

You blew us away with your response, collectively donating enough money to the United Nations World Food Program through this video to give school lunch to close to 140,000 children. And your donations are still coming in.

Some of you donated $1, others donated $50. Some even created video responses encouraging others to give. The WFP is so thrilled with your efforts that their Executive Director Josette Sheeran recorded this special thank you message to the YouTube community:

Added Pierre Guillaume Wieleznyski, WFP's Head of Online Communications, "It is heartening to see the YouTube community step up and help. We often forget about the billion people who to bed hungry. If every web user does a little, we can achieve a lot." YouTube user angelinthesky26 echoed this sentiment, commenting "we can all make a difference in our own simple way."

So, thank you YouTube, for making a difference. We're incredibly inspired by you.


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