Friday, October 23, 2009

LAPD iWatch PSA raises some eyebrows

A new PSA promoting the LAPD's iWatch citizen surveillance program is raising some eyebrows online, for what some people are calling a Big Brother tone. The video has 29,000 views on YouTube and a one-star rating on the LAPD's YouTube channel.

iWatch focuses on terrorism tips, and suggests citizens don't fret over whether they could be right - "let the officers decide." Reports say there were 1500 reports sent in through iWatch late last summer.

One YouTube user, Will Johnston, did a mash-up of the piece with his translations of the text overlayed on the video:

What do you think - is this PSA a good public message or over the top?


Will Johnston said...

I like it :)

Anonymous said...

I like it too:)

Anonymous said...

excellent......poeple have become too complacent.we have forgottoen 911 and i believe a larger attack is in the works and this is why i found this psa to be so important .

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