Monday, October 5, 2009

Brazilian Supreme Court launches YouTube channel

Yesterday, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court launched its official channel on YouTube, making it the first supreme court in the world to take advantage of YouTube to leverage its own transparency and use online videos to provide better information to the people. The Brazilian Supreme Court has a long tradition of openness and has been live broadcasting its sessions for more then a decade now. The channel contains highlights of the Supreme Court sessions, educational content produced by their own TV channel, and records of historical passages of the Brazilian Judiciary Branch.

The National Council of Justice, the highest administrative authority of the Brazilian Judiciary Branch, took the opportunity to launch an official YouTube channel as well. The channel offers a lot of useful information to citizens, especially on their fundamental rights and how to protect them. The two channels together represent a unique source of relevant legal information translated into everyday language.

We hope that these launches will encourage other public institutions around the world to follow suit, and that in Brazil and Latin America, these channels will foster openness and transparency, improve communications with the population, and stimulate regular citizens to participate in public debates.

Posted by Ivo Correa, Google Public Policy, Brazil


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