Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honey, Can We Shrink the Impacts of Climate Change?

This morning, hundreds of miniature tents were placed in key locations across Europe. The tents are part of a huge activist art installation created by German artist Hermann Josef Hack, to model what developing countries will look like if we don't face the impacts of climate change now. Here's video of how Londoners interacted with the exhibit on Millennium Bridge:

The installation is timed to coincide with the European Union Heads of State and Government Summit this week.


DrLiberty said...

Oh for God's sake! How stupid is this? Global warming? Oh, wait we have to call it climate change now. When I was a kid the same pin-heads and power mongers who brought us this crap were telling us that glaciers would wipe out our homes due to global COOLING! There is a huge body of (fact, not ego driven) science and scholarly studies of this planet's history which teach; the earth warms and cools at it's pleasure regardless of the activities of the specie du jour.

Climate change / AKA Global warming is a power-grab, and another piece of the machinery to enslave mankind!

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