Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conan O'Brien vs. Cory Booker: A YouTube feud?

Mayor Cory Booker has been using YouTube more effectively than almost any big-city mayor in the country (though Mayor Bloomberg may have something to say about that). He posts weekly clips talking about what he's up to in Newark, New Jersey, a city he claims is "on the rise." He also does Q and A sessions with citizens, and films most of his public appearances.

But his biggest YouTube hit to date came out of a spat he's begun with Tonight Show Host Conan O'Brien, who made a quip that the best Newark healthcare plan, "would consist of a bus ticket out of Newark." Booker hopped on this jab with a rather humorous 1-minute rebuttal on his YouTube channel, taking issue with O'Brien's comment and using the opportunity to highlight why Newark is improving drastically under his administration. Oh, and he also issues a "ban" on Conan from ever using the Newark Airport

Smart move. Getting ahead of O'Brien with a timely and funny response shows the Mayor knows how to laugh, but also has the guts to defend his city on a national stage.


92Y said...

92Y is not in the business of banning anyone, even relocated late night talk show hosts. We especially would not ban a popular Mayor. Au contraire, he will be here on Dec 3.

Here is our video commentary on the issue:

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