Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How many echoes does it take to make a Big Bang?

No idea? NASA's Dr. John Mather who won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics for measuring the echoes of the Big Bang and understanding how it happened, has answers. This is part of a new YouTube Q&A series called: "Ask a Nobel Laureate" hosted on the Nobel Prize YouTube channel.

Submit your question for Dr. Mather by attaching it as a video response to his call-out. How was the universe created? What does space smell like? Is there life on other planets?

Questions are due by October 30th, and should be less than 30 seconds. A selection of questions will be answered via video and posted to the Nobel channel.


Anonymous said...

How many inconsistencies does it take to make the idea of a Bing Bang flop?

cronkite satellite said...

what's the speed of darkness?

Anonymous said...

why are you so lonely?

Andrew Fox said...

the SPEED of darkness. now that's a new one.
And to the man that said "how many inconsistencies does it take to make the idea of a big bang flop?"
Don't act like your smarter than these scientists cause your obviously not. He's the one that got the nobel prize, not you.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the Big Bang to me? I just have no idea how nothing could have existed until a fucking EXPLOSION, which for some reason developed out of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, could have made the universe. And how from some motherfucking EXPLOSION, which somehow developed out of this whole shit-load of ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS, we live, die, breath, think, love, hate, create, destroy, and crave interaction with eachother when we are nothing but what you say developed from CELLS, which brings up another point: HOW DID AN EXPLOSION MAKE THESE "CELLS" THAT TURNED INTO LIFE?

And THAT is the end of my question.

Anonymous said...

Of course you'd have no idea, how could you possibly conceive something on such grand a scale? How could you possibly conceive ANYTHING that could be responsible for "cells" that turned into life?

Andrew Fox said...

I wouldn't call that a question. I'd call that a MESS. All your proving to me is that you have done absolutely no research on the Big Bang. You said there were "inconsistencies"? Well WHAT inconsistencies?? All your telling me is that You have no idea what your even talking about. How old are you? Did your mommy tell you the big bang isn't true?

There's many many theory's on what "caused" the big bang. Why don't you search around google and find some? Then you can find another video and regurgitate them as your own ideas and you'll feel like a smarty pants.

Anonymous said...

Is there black holes?
Is there worm holes?
Is the universe expanding or is the universe contracting, or both?
Do you believe there are other species living on other planets, or planetary objects in space?
Do you think we have the techonolgy to advance our society and conquer space? or planetary objects?

Anonymous said...

John Mather, NASA Nobel Laureate, is a science fraud. Read more...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, my girlfriend kept trying to convince me that the Big Band was false and that it was called a theory for a reason. I told her yes, it WAS a theory, a theory supported by quite a bit of evidence. Then she went on about how there are SO many inconsistencies, and I told her that she should do more research. Then she dumped me. So my question to you is: How should I win her back? I was thinking of going for the whole Teddy Bear/chocolate combo, but that seems too cliche. Any suggestions?? It's kind of important.

Anonymous said...

As far as my understanding goes, the big bang was caused when two dimesnsions out of the 13? we have collided, realsing an unheard of amount of energy, (the big bang), some of which got turned to matter. Then, after billions of years of supernovae and cooling, atoms had formed planets and rocks and such, and then miraculously formed life on the third rock from the star called Sun

That's my dumbed down version of my understanding

Yes there are black holes
there may be wromholes
the universe is expanding, and it will continue to do so untill the atoms themselves are ripped apart
Yes I believe there is loife elsewhere in the universe (What makes Earth special?)
Yes, we have the technology to produce the technology to couquer space...if we don't blow ourselves of the face of the planet first

Anonymous College student

Anonymous said...

If black holes are a small amount of matter over a large amount of mass, is there an approximate measurement out there for its density currently?

Also, to the anon that needs an explanation to the Big Bang, it did not start out at nothing, it started out with a black-hole like object that 'overloaded' with energy, causing an explosion and causing the matter to change into the basic atoms, molecules and etc we have today, many billions of years later. At least, that's what I think. Don't qoute me :P

Anonymous said...

What is the latest theory surrounding Dark Matter? What particles form dark matter?
How are scientists trying to find it?
Is there enough dark matter to cause the Universe to end in a Big Collapse or will it grow infinitely and die out?

Olivia said...

hey guys - make sure to submit these questions as video responses to John Mather's video:

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