Friday, July 8, 2011

Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

With cool and innovative usage of data visualization, this short, informative video explains the link between economic freedom and a society’s well-being. The video illustrates how economic freedom--environments defined by free markets, private properties, and individual choice-can define the quality of life in a country. The video illustrates how economically free countries benefit from higher salaries, better protected civil rights, cleaner environments, and longer life expectancies; they also have less corruption, infant mortality, child labor, and unemployment rates. As a result, economic freedom appears as a major component in explaining why some societies continue to thrive while others fall behind.

In recent years, the US, once a world leader on the issue, has drastically fallen amongst the rankings of economically free countries. Will the American quality of life fall with it? Watch the video below to learn more about economic freedom in a visually engaging way, and check out this link to see another interesting use of data visualization.


Anonymous said...

What BS.

Whats similar about all the countries in list A?

They are all democracies settled and developed with western ideals. This is just a propaganda exercise stating that "small government" is the reason for their success. Its not. Its only one factor of many.

A cheap propaganda tool.

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