Monday, July 25, 2011

Homeless to Housing: An Inspiring Success Story

This past March, Mark Horvath, who profiles homeless people across North America on his YouTube Channel, was invited by the Calgary Homeless Foundation to speak in Calgary, a large province in Alberta, Canada. During his trip, Horvath recorded this video of Don “Donny” Bixby--a man who had been homeless for over twenty years and endured the harsh Canadian winters with nothing but a blanket and the heating vent from a local business to keep him warm.

After seeing the video of Donny on YouTube, CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Tim Richter, tracked him down and put him up in an apartment. The move was part of Calgary’s “housing first” plan, which makes permanent housing a priority in addressing homelessness. The policy, launched in 2008, has provided over 2,300 homeless people with homes.

Once he moved into his new apartment, Donny decided to change his life. In the video below, Horvath interviews Donny who is sober, taking on part-time work, and even adopted a cat to share his new home with. 

To learn more about Mark Horvath’s mission to empower homeless people to tell their own story, visit his blog at


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