Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brown Bag Lunches on YouTube

Just over three months ago, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker posted his first clip in a series of YouTube videos he calls “Brown Bag Lunches.” The series speaks to Governor Walker’s core value: doing more with less. Walker, who grew up in a family that often struggled to make ends meet, packs the same brown bag lunch each day before heading to the office (two ham and cheese sandwiches on wheat). The governor believes people should not spend more than they have and he urges government to do the same.

Walker’s brown bag lunches invite citizens to engage in a discussion with him over their lunch breaks about the best ways to protect Wisconsin jobs and family budgets. Last week, Governor Walker posted his 31st video in the series. His latest video answers questions on the upcoming recall elections in Wisconsin and marks another exciting stepping stone in the program that was launched back in April with this video.

The series demonstrates how politicians continue to leverage YouTube as a vital tool in promoting a brighter, more democratic future. Check out the 31st Brown Paper Bag video below and visit Governor Walker's YouTube channel to find out more.


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