Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week's Top News Stories on YouTube--Tragedy in Norway, History in New York, and the loss of music great Amy Winehouse.

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HistoryTours said...

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Kiddsock onYouTUbe said...

Very Sad Stories.
Please help Former YouTube Partners that have been Disabled by That which can not be named. I mean, Adsense.


Mary said...

we need to vote all republicans democrats out of office, this is our right as americans, the republicans and democrats have killed our country,we need to act know before its its too late...please make all men and women resign from congress and the house of us, we have been lied to by our country and stole from them!!!!! HELP KICK THEM OUT NOW11111 said...

a very sad story, hopefully we can all take a lesson from all the tragedies and can do better in addressing the increasingly complex life of this

nimupedia said...

Very sad story
i am sorry to hear that

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