Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video Activism in Egypt

If social media was the fire which ignited the revolution in Egypt, online video seems to be the fuel that propels it. The Tahrir Diaries project provides a compelling example of a group of filmmakers who use online video as an important tool in fighting to stop torture. The group, composed of activists who have directly experienced every day of the political movement since the January 25 protests in Tahrir square, hope to spread the word about military abuse. Leaders of the project condemn the violation of civilian rights and call for the immediate release of youth who were arrested for peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins.

First hand accounts such as these demonstrate the importance of taking the necessary measures to preserve the integrity of citizens and salute the martyrs and everyday heroes who fight to save the country from total rule and corruption. To learn more about Tahrir Diaries and see more of their efforts check out their channel playlist below:


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