Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Red Shirt" protesters clash with Thai military, caught on video

For the past three days, since Seh Daeng, defected Thai army officer and leader of anti-government protesters, was shot in the head, violence has raged in downtown Bangkok.

The protesters, known as the "Red Shirts", have taken to the streets again to demand the return of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was expelled from the country after a coup in 2006.  The Thai military, which clashed violently with the Red Shirt protesters in early April, has taken up arms again to crack down against the mounting dissent.  

Since last Thursday, more than 30 people have been killed, and over 230 are injured, and attempted negotiations between the two parties do not look promising.

Some video footage of these recent clashes has surfaced on YouTube, though not as much as was uploaded during the April protests.  We cannot verify when or where these videos were taken, and are thus relying in each case on the information provided by the uploader.

This clip, taken from above the Rama 4 roadway in Bangkok, shows a group of protesters in the streets scattering after gunshots are fired.  As the person holding the camera starts to run, the focus of the image is lost, but you can clearly hear the commotion as people run for safety.

User reggaejames also appears to be at the Rama 4 scene, but on the ground level.  He has a series of videos on his channel that shows before, during, and after the gunfire.

This video allegedly shows snipers in the Thai military shooting at Red Shirt protesters:

For more videos from Thailand, check out this playlist, which we will continue to update.


Unknown said...

is it 2012 yet? Peace Sells, Who's Buying.

Anonymous said...

Something cruel, something that i don't want to be involved at all. But we're all guest stars in this horror movie and we, humanbeings are all a part of this. We made this. We kill each other -literally- for no reason till the first day. Congratulations everyone.

CheeseGoddess said...

This is part of the process of becoming a truly democratic government-- ugly, but at the same time, shows the Thai people emerging as a cognizant society valuing freedom and choice.

Jean said...

This is so bad. That's real cruelty. By the way, I would like to invite you to join and have your say about anything on this new Travel and Leisure Forum.You can even win the cash prize for the most number of referrals. See you there! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Jean ... pitching for sales while Thais are dying

Anonymous said...

That's not true. Thaksin is corrupted prime minister. He was found guilty by the court for money laundering. Those Red shirts are his puppets.

Thai Songs said...

However the current violence turns, the situation is destined to remain volatile for years to come because the two sides are about equally split. If no compromise acceptable to both sides is reached, it could lead to widespread conflict, perhaps even civil war.

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