Monday, May 17, 2010

Dale Peterson and PA Dems present this week's must-watch political ads

As primaries heat up, campaigns are churning out ads at a fast and furious rate. Here are two recent ads that are rapidly climbing the YouTube charts and making waves in the blogosphere.

First up is Dale Peterson. If you just scratched your head and wondered "who the heck is Dale Peterson?" he's a farmer, a businessman, a Marine and a cop. And oh yea, he just became the most famous candidate for Alabama Agricultural Commissioner in the state's history, thanks to this video, which is rapidly going viral:

And in anticipation of the heated Democratic PA primary tomorrow, both Joe Sestak and Arlen Specter have been rolling out new ads. In this video, featuring Michael J. Fox, Specter shows that he's with the Dems in regard to medical/stem cell research:

But Sestak isn't so sure that Specter has shed his Republican roots and released this takedown, which paints Bush and Specter as the best of friends:

We'll see whose ads were more effective after tomorrow.


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