Monday, May 17, 2010

Violence between Red Shirts and Thai army intensifies - moments caught on camera

The bloodshed continues today in Bangkok as the Red Shirt protesters refuse to step down and abandon their posts in Central Bangkok, despite government demands and threats.

User isalex112507 captured a series of videos from a clash yesterday, which he calls "The Battle of Bon Kai."

This video sets the scene on Rama 4 roadway where the Red Shirts and the Thai army are facing off against one another. Gunshots can be heard clearly in the background:

Here, the cameraman is positioned with several Thai men inside a building between where the Reds and the army are shooting at each other.

Here you can see protesters hiding behind large barricades made of tires:

This video shows a Red Shirt throwing a C4 grenade at the military, which shoots back at him in turn:

We continue to add videos to this playlist on CitizenTube.


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