Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair, hay and more: Citizens flood YouTube with suggestions on how to clean up the oil spill

Since the oil spill happened, we've seen dozens of videos pour onto YouTube from citizens suggesting innovative solutions for how to clean up the spill or stop the leak. One of the most popular videos is this one, which suggests using hair to soak up the oil:

Users like djjennm are echoing this sentiment and even taking is a step further - she's collecting hair that can go towards the clean up effort. A vaguely similar oil removal technique that is also getting traction (to the tune of close to 200,000 YouTube views) comes from Otis Goodson in Florida:

There are countless other videos from citizens with ideas - some involve complex animations or experiments, while others are just simple straight to camera thoughts. One thing is certain - the public is extremely interested in how to solve this environmental crisis. Take a spin through this playlist for proof:


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