Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville videos flood YouTube

Nashville and surrounding areas in Tennessee are enduring historic floods right now, after receiving more than 13 inches of rain in two days.  With cars floating down the street, popular stores underwater, and rivers rushing where dry land used to be, Nashville has been transformed and its residents are documenting the scene and uploading their videos to YouTube, where they're getting tens of thousands of views.

Here are a few videos that show just how extreme the conditions are:

Opreyland Hotel filled with water:

A man caught a large carp in the flood waters near his home:

This guy decides to go kayaking in his street:

Nashville's LP stadium filled with water:

And this beautifully-shot, yet somber video shows what Nashville looks like -- underwater:

More videos can be found in this playlist, and by searching on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I received an Email..that was full of pictures of this devastating flood with" Here Comes the Sun.".....playing in the background........someone needs to send that to the national news medias.......I can't even find it on youtube except thru my email.........I don't know how or I would send it to Fox News Channel at least..........I admire you all and you have my prayers

constantnana in Arkansas

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