Monday, February 22, 2010

Win $2500 to help citizens access their government online

You've got to hand it to Uncle Sam - ever since we signed an agreement with the U.S. government to bring all federal agencies onto YouTube, several organizations have been launching video competitions on YouTube. The EPA launched an environmental protection video contest, the HHS asked people to make videos advocating hand-washing to prevent the swine flu - the winner's video went viral, and the Dept. of Education asked students to share the role of education in their lives and gave the winners prizes.

Today, joins the discussion on YouTube with a contest that will award $2500 to the top video that teaches people about all the information they can get about govt. services on their site. is essentially the citizen-facing web arm of the U.S. Govt. - where you can learn about everything from social security to college scholarships. The contest starts today and runs through April 2nd. Find out more here. Remember to be creative - this isn't your grandfather's PSA, it's your chance to bring your govt. into the new world of new media.


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