Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ask the British Foreign Secretary: Sharing Ideas and Questions Across the Pond

Cross-country communication used to be a far more difficult task -- now, exchanging ideas, questions and feedback across national boundaries is easy. The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband is proving this, with a new exercise called "Global Conversations," in which he's using the new Google Moderator/YouTube integration to solicit user thoughts about the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. Hear more from Miliband about this project here:

Specifically, Miliband is interested in hearing your questions about the war in Afghanistan and how to end it. But feel free to fire away here about any aspect of the U.S. - U.K. relationship - it's a storied one, so we're sure you have lots of questions. Miliband is headed to M.I.T. to give a lecture on the subject and will address top-voted ideas there.


The Internet said...

Afganistan? I say we take off and nuke the entire site from space. It's the only way to be sure.

youtube said...

youtube would be positive developments

Tim Hood said...

The moderator/youtube hook up is long overdue-congratulations.

Incidentally, we started a Global Conversations channel for the Foreign Office 18 months ago, so it is not new-here it is

And here are a number of case studies of how we use Yoosk (which pre-dates Moderator by a year) plus YouTube for government engagement in the UK.

This is the way to go so glad to discuss more.

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