Friday, February 5, 2010

White House staff to do a live follow-up Q&A

In 25 minutes, three White House staffers -- Heather Higginbottom, Domestic Policy Council, Brian Deese, National Economic Council, and Ben Rhodes, National Security Council -- will answer a selection of your top questions that did not get asked in Monday's interview with President Obama.

Tune in to the live webcast on CitizenTube (


Anonymous said...

Well hey guys, thanks for telling us 25 MINUTES BEFORE IT STARTED! How long did it last 10 minutes?

It's insulting enough that you are trying to pander off the questions we actually voted on to some low level policy flunkies the white house sent over rather then the president, but to not even tell us you are doing it until after it's done? That is pretty despicable.

Oh good idea asking for questions on your twitter too.
"Submit your questions for the @whitehouse to answer in a live chat now:" -@CitizenTube

I mean it's not like the questions your users VOTED on should be asked or anything. No we will just solicit random twitter users for questions.

I am impressed.

Unknown said...

I am outraged that YouTube chose to censor questions that were related to marijuana. The reform of marijuana laws is obviously something that is very important to people, otherwise this topic would not have received the most votes. If our votes are going to be ignored, then whats the point of even having us vote in the first place?

1. Many sick and suffering people in this country who rely on the relief that marijuana provides are being labeled as criminals for using a medicine that works.

2. Many non-violent drug users are having their lives ruined by being slapped with a criminal record that greatly hinders their ability to find a job and so forces many of them to turn to a life of REAL crime.

3. Prohibition of anything widely used creates a forever existing black market that gives violent gangs an opportunity to grow in power.

These are just three serious problems that can be solved by marijuana law reform. We deserve to hear a real answer from the President about his drug policy plans.

Last year in the online town forum, when Obama brought up the marijuana question himself he made a joke out of it and just laughed it off. People were looking to hear a serious answer from him this time. It's such a shame that we were unfairly denied the opportunity.

If YouTube continues to ignore marijuana related questions in future Q&A events with the government, then they will soon find themselves on the wrong side of a public outcry, much like Starbucks has recently. The latest poll by ABC shows that 46% of people nation wide favor marijuana legalization, which is much higher than what it use to be. This number is expected to grow as a positive cultural shift about cannabis is occurring.

Anonymous said...

CitizenTube is CensorTube!
CitizenTube is CensorTube!
CitizenTube is CensorTube!

Anonymous said...

A government by SOME people, for SOME people. Grow some balls and ask the questions that were voted on.

Anonymous said...

here is some truth for you .. the marijuana question is bigger then ever.. and you ignoring it .. will only make it bigger.. anger is a very inspiring emotion .. hence all the comments and videos mad about you people taking the question out.. thank you so much for ignoring it.. it makes people want to push harder.. even if you ask it .. and the answer is "no" you cant stop it .. FREE THE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. but im done here.. im going to smoke one for you :)

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