Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Colorful Questions We Could Have Asked President Obama

We received more than 11,000 questions for yesterday's YouTube interview with President Obama, and while we couldn't ask them all, there were certain particularly amusing questions that we wish we could have asked, if time and circumstances had allowed.

If we had asked them, well...suffice it to say it would have been an even more entertaining interview. The President did agree to do this again, so hopefully we'll have our chance.

Here are our picks for the top 10 most colorful questions posed to President Obama:

1. "For most of my life I was raised in West Philadelphia. Finances forced me to move to Bel Air with my Aunt and Uncle. What are you going to do about areas like the one I lived in?"

- William Smith, Los Angeles

2. "How do you feel about Nancy Peloci capturing our attention with her cat cam, then rick rolling us in the end?"
- Anonymous

3. "Why did you name your dog, Bo, after yourself?"
- Mary Smithiers, Seattle

4. "Why does God hate the Vikings?"
- Depressed, Minnesota

5. "Could you win in a fight against Wolverine? Don't even pretend like you could, you totally can't."
- Jack, Redding, CA

6. Mr. President, when are you going to stop the war between ninjas and pirates? Surely it is in your hands to stop such a crisis. The war has been going for trillions of years and it needs to be put to a halt once and for all."
- Daniel, New Zealand

7. "Do you play World of Warcraft? If yes, which class and faction do you have?"
- Gustaffa, Slovakia

8. "I know I speak for a lot of Americans when I say we love you and believe in you. Do you pinky-swear to try your hardest to push through some of the legislation you talked about last night? Remember: the pinky-swear is binding in court."
- Justin, Carmen Sandiego

9. Mr. President, there is no doubt that you are a busy and stressed man. My question relates to your "down time". I just want to know if you like to go fishing and if so, would it be possible for me to go fishing with you one day?"
- Robert B., Keller, TX

10. "Mr. President, I just want to tell you how I’m feeling, America is not gonna give you up, nor let you down. We are not going to desert you. How do you feel about Internet censorship?"
- Broghan, Virginia


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that you censored some of the most popular questions. Did you not consider them serious?

Anonymous said...

You could have asked the one's that had the most votes, concerning the subject that was most important to the citizens. How can you call it "citizentube" when the issues that the citizens care about are censored and ignored? "Watching video change our world". What a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do to encourage uneducated, disenfranchised Americans to believe in their country again, after they've been thrown under the bus?

Sarah Mowrey said...


Anonymous said...

You know what question you could have asked? The top voted one that you censored out.

HegleEvan said...


Anonymous said...

Oh god. #4 is so true. I laughed...and then stopped when I realized how true it is. :(
Hope the Colts demolish the Saints for beating my Vikes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I wonder what the point of this stupid thing was, if the most popular questions get censored. I agree with the person below, how can you call this citizentube when you don't present the questions the people vote for?

gm said...

The most popular question -- if it were the one about legalization of marijuana, I'm not sure -- was asked of and answered by Mr. Obama last time in the citizen YT forum. Asking the same answered question over and over again is not lobbying, is neither informative nor encouraging to this format. A simple internet search will provide the President's answer to that Q, and nothing POTUS has said in the last year suggests he's changed his thinking.

Be grateful folks. Until now, only the White House press corps got to ask questions. This forum -- perhaps imperfect -- is spectacular citizen engagement.

Having said that, I would have loved to have seen the Wolverine question asked if indeed that was in the qualifying ranks. Not sure what that says about the voting public, tho -- other than citizens feel comfortable and desire casual banter with Mr. Obama which is probably a good thing. And if this put a smile on all faces of the world even if just for a moment, well, that'd be cool too.

(Normally I don't like anonymous replies, but since the gripes on this thread is mostly anonymous, I'll be a lemming).

Anonymous said...

Are you guys actually laughing at us for being annoyed that you censored our questions that we wanted asked?

This is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Yes Obama completely blew off the question without any reasoning or explanation before. How would you feel if someone asked Obama: "Are you going to stop the war in Iraq?" and his response was a single word: "No." Nothing else, no explanation why, no reasoning, no thoughts, no indication of why he changed opinions from what he had said before, nothing. That is not the way the president gets out of answering any policy question, let alone one that has as many far reaching implications as drug policy reform. His ignoring of our question before is all the more reason why we need it asked even more and even louder in public forums like this.

Youtube really dropped the ball at not only representing the people, but actually at having some effect on policy. You think any of those stupid questions they asked meant anything? Or were they just more opportunities for Obama to repeat his same old talking points?

Opportunity wasted, and the people get screwed again.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! That's totally us New Zealanders.

Anonymous said...

Why did you censor the top voted questions regarding marijuana reform?

America said...

It is disgraceful and disgusting to censor ANY top rated question that is the majority chosen selection. How is this even allowed? If the President refused to answer, it'd be on him, but with Youtube/Google seemingly responsible, I must ask them: Do you think it is acceptable to have Americans go to jail/prison for using a natural plant medicine, and tax Americans for all the court and housing costs associated? So much so that you are actively helping this continue? If George Washington was here he would punch you in your virtual face.

Anonymous said...


What about the most popular questions pertaining to the legalization of marijuana?

Why we're those not asked? Too colorful for you? Did you not take them seriously?

Anonymous said...

If you voted for weed.

You all just got pwnd.

By citzentube.com

Now we know where you live!

Anonymous said...

whoever made the decision to do this should be hung drawn and quartered. how dare you censor democracy! youtube reserves the right to conduct itself like a hitler's germanic media pawn.

Anonymous said...

You censored the questions? ... Then what was the point of this exercise? How is that any better than the typical questions he gets asked?

stumbleupon said...

I have to admit, I now have no belief that citizentube represents people. Way to go guys. You have already lost all credibility on your first publicity stunt. That is pretty impressive.

Unknown said...

>If you voted for weed.
>You all just got pwnd.
>By citzentube.com
>Now we know where you live!

Most useless comment in the word. Wanna know why? Support for Cannabis legalization and Drug Law reform is a big topic, one that everyone is concerned on. Not just "stoners" everyday people that see what is "War on Drugs" is really doing to this country. I for one am completely upset with this turn of events.

Then the greatest thing, a CitizenTube.com blogger decides to put out a joking list of questions that appeared on the runnings.

What was this supposed to get us to relax? NO! We want answers!

Anonymous said...

If you're as pissed about the censorship as I am, please contact Steve @ http://www.facebook.com/stevegrove.

Anonymous said...

Tired of being ignored about the marijuana legalization question? Contact press@youtube.com with your complaints.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, citizentube. Great way of censoring the most popular question, even though its been asked before. I'm willing to bet that if a vote were taken tomorrow by the entire united states that more than likely over 50& would vote to legalize. Great way to sidestep a major political issue. See? This is why you guys should have voted for Ron Paul. Instead we get stuck with liars who laugh at us and censor us. Forget that. You know what? Its become increasingly frustrating that the recognition of medical use for cannabis is ignored.. Its become increasingly frustrating that government funding is cut once cannabis is found to exhibit anticarcinogenic properties. I suppose its all part of the oligarchies scheme to keep us under its thumb and persecute people who simply have lost faith in the failing, corrupt, bad pharmaceutical industry that releases drugs that creates more symptoms than it helps to treat.
Thanks President Obama and Citizentube for dumping all on the citizens and making a mockery of us.
Thanks citizentube, I have a sister-in-law that could benefit from this holistic herb, because she has multiple sclorosis. Thank you for helping to oppress people who are in dire need for answers. Thank you for reassuring us that we live in a nazi regime.

Anonymous said...

To all those that doubt the Bilderberg Group? Do you still doubt it now? Do you still doubt that there are hidden agendas and thats why they oppress us when it comes to the cannabis issue? People think its a joke on the extreme right because they've been endoctrinated with the Henry J. Anslinger crap for years and years and years. When will you people on the right wake up and realize that the American Medical Association has recently found it to have potential use for medicine. When that was found out research funding was dropped. Don't you find that a bit suspect and suspicious? Oh, well I guess not, since you all want to have someone to bully and villainize, since you want to consider people who medicate using a safe holistic herb as dumb stoners who are complete wastes of life or "dropouts" well I want you all to know the stereotype you present is ridiculous. Call Carl Sagan a dropout loser. He smoked cannabis. He was one of the most brilliant scientists in US history.

Anonymous said...

Matter of fact? I call out Mr. Obama for being a complete hypocrite on the issue. He spoke out openly about it years ago just to manipulate your vote. Now he's side stepping the issue. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you all think President Obama has more important issues than legalization of marijuana?

Anonymous said...

I wish Montel Williams would run for President. At least he wouldn't sidestep issues and outright lie to us and laugh about it while people with medical disabilities suffer in the hands of ignorant people who only want to push a corrupt pharmaceutical agenda down our throats. Its all cashing in on our sickness in later life, while we all get cancers and degenerative bone loss due to poisons we eat and drink while they fluoridate our municipal water supply and have monsanto feed you poisoned food and make us all detrimentally sick. Yeah, thats why we're pushing the agenda for nuclear energy, so we can pollute the earth and the water some more with even more fluoride to dumb down the population even more.

Thanks for totally ignoring the people and proving that its all just a fake democracy

Anonymous said...

I guess everybody needs an enemy to persecute. Why don't you guys just bust down the doors of all the people who have chronic illness, just like the Bush-era feds did. Uncaring, inhumane people that won't let a fellow human being have a safer alternative to all the man-made pharmaceuticals. There are so many health benefits to it too.

1. Anticarcinogenic properties.
2. Eyesight health
3. Noological enhancer (proven to reduce the number of exacerbations in MS patients)

Oh, but that isn't important I suppose. I suppose asking a damned question about wolverines or whatever is more important.

It infuriates all of America. Why won't anybody hear our voice of dissent?

Anonymous said...

Cannabis legalization would free up the already over-burdened justice system to handle real criminals who murder, rape, steal, defraud, assault, commit acts of violence... but noooooo we want to live in the damned stone ages where we persecute people over stupid crap. It would rescue our failing economy. It would eliminate gang related black markets. It would be taxable. But no. We live in a damned regressive era where we have wolves in sheeps clothing pretending like they are on our side only to decieve us. We have left wing right wing all serving the same agenda. Its sickening I tell you, sickening. I'm shocked that people don't tax protest by the millions until they start hearing our damned voices.

Anonymous said...

Just so you all know this probably is all part of their damned COINTELPRO operation. They're probably gathering names of us just so they can violate more of our civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

Wow..This is fun to read. I truly am sorry, but how does anyone come think that the 5th question about Wolverine even deserves to be posted ANYWHERE? I don't suppose any of those people who have apparently voted for it were mentally above the age of 15.. I mean seriously. How do you expect a president to answer such an annoying, time-killing question?
As for the Marijuana debate. I would agree with the point about the drug-wars. But as for the so called "health benefits" of Marijuana, there is no point in discussing this. It is a drug - and a serious one, too.
And I know. I know, alcohol is allowed and has health-benefits too, I know.. But what the hell do you expect? That the President would just sit there and say: Yes, marijuana is going to be legalised? I do not even see the slightes possibility, that such a reform would even make it through congress. How do you expect that to work with a bunch of conservative old people sitting in there?

If you really are as worried about that as it seems: Go run for his job. Seriously. Democracy does not only consist out of asking a ton annoying questions about vikings and The Prince Of Bel Air - but out of actually doing something.

Stella said...

Youtube really dropped the ball at not only representing the people, but actually at having some effect on policy.

youtube adder

seriesoftubes said...

The debate is clearly settled, if you don't recall there was a highly detailed exchange with the president that went like this:

Q. Marijuana good?
A. NO! Marijuana BAD!

So the questions about medical marijuana, industrial hemp, the president's marijuana use, financial aid denial for marijuana users, marijuana scientific study restrictions and the American Medical Association's recent recommendations on marijuana should never ever be discussed regardless of what the public wants.

Anonymous said...

That's cute, but I think there should be a different blog post in place of this. We at least deserve an explanation. If your lawyers don't feel the same way then just go ahead and call it SuckersThatFillGooglesCoffersWithAdvertisingDollarsTube. You're chipping away at the respect that you have earned with your userbase. Keep traveling down this road and you may find yourself with none left.

Signe said...

I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply disappointed in the censorship citezenstube displayed.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Lee Doran in the top 10 to? His question wasn't asked before or ridiculous...

Unknown said...

Which citizens is this supposed to be representing when the most popular question is avoided(yet again) because it asks the president to discuss the legalization of a naturally growing plant? The tides have already turned in a growing number of states in favor of at least marginalizing the enforcement of marijuana possession and allowing for medicinal use.

Let's stop criminalizing a plant with far reaching medical uses and help lower the percentage of inmates who are non-violent first time offenders. It only serves to waste taxpayer money, ruins lives, and for some actually pushes them further down the road of crime (marijuana isn't a gateway drug, but going to jail sure can be). Instead, let's tax it and regulate it the same way that alcohol and tobacco are, provide an income stream for the nation, and create an untold number of jobs in a brand new industry. Every bit helps!

Michael said...

The fact that the Marijuana question has been asked before does not mean it is redundant, it means that it is still relevant, still interesting to viewers and probably that the President's answer last time was not satisfactory.

natefrogg said...


you are not representing the citizens when you choose to censor the most requested questions!

this is serious, this is not about a bunch of stoned out pot heads that have the munchies, this is far more than just medical marijuana related as well, the entire prohibition of this herb is a fallacy based on lies and hatred

next year these questions will also be the most popular, as well as the year after, and the year after that. you can continue to attempt to censor us, but the tide is changing, it is inevitable whether you like it or not.

i will call you out on this every chance i get, i am doing my part to spread the word about your lack of regard for what the citizens of the united states of america see as important.

he was asked last year, so somehow it is irrelevant to you? well it is very much relevant to the american public, whether you like it or not! get off of your own agenda, this site is not at all for the citizen, it is out for it's own.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon said...

You really pissed some people off this time, Youtube!

Whatever happened to your parent company's slogan: "DON'T BE EVIL."?

Brant said...

Thanks for censoring my question, "Citizentube", which regarded CANNABIS LEGALISATION! It's plainly obvious that there's no reason to have faith in this method of communication with our President.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Google would be pretty upset about the whole censoring of the #1 question thing, as I understand it their pretty big on being against censorship. Perhaps we should talk to google about it, not youtube.

hayavadhan said...

colorful ? or useless??

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we all be more concerned with FULL DISCLOSURE PROJECT. My God people.

Anonymous said...

I find it actually pretty pathetic that so many people are so upset that the marijuana question didn't get asked. Just go smoke a bowl and relax. I really hope no one thinks the US's biggest problem is that pot isn't official legal.

Anonymous said...

No it is not pathetic. I won't go smoke a bowl because I don't use the stuff. The question is important to me because I don't want to see criminal scum get rich off a substance that is technically worthless. Is that so hard to comprehend?

Unknown said...

Mr.president keep yourself clean and clear from the influence of those they work long with mr.bush. God help you in good deeds

Marcos A. Rondineli said...

Yeah, indeed....
God bless America.
How big is America, by the way?
I'd like to ask President Obama why do people die... Do they deserve to die or do they die because we don't teach them how to live?
We can ask President Obama how would he change our particular life from boring and bad to happy and good.
What can he do actually to end wars and conflicts around our globe?
What can he do to actually bring peace to people and joy all around?
To human kind, instead of "americans"? I'm American, but born southernly in Brazil. Do I deserve a poorer life than the northerns? Why?
Shall people continue to fight because some are whiter than others? Some Orientals than Ocidentals?
When will the human been start to think that it is not our colour nor or birth place what distinguishes us from animals?
Not our races, not our believes, not our Gods?
Do you want a colourfulll question to ask to the mandatory in the world?
Here it goes:
- We, humans, are meant to live in peace.
Why don't we? Is it because of money? Is it because we didn't born neither rich nor in fancy Champs Elisées at Paris?
Or ... because we enjoy destroying ourselves?
Maybe due to diferences we teach from the most earlier childhood such us never trusting in strangers?
Who are the strangers, by the way, among us?
Who are the bad guys?
Are they human too?
Have they born already bad and destructive?
Do we, humans, breeth the same air? Why do we polute it? To become richers? To move faster?
Where to?
I'm sorry, maybe this isn't the place for my questions, but since you can answer them... here they are.
I do believe we are, humans, egual righted to well live, and anybody richer or wealthy than my fellow friends is in the wrong directions.
There is a right path to follow. We yet haven't find it, but indeed it is not our colours nor our birth origens what determinates our fates.
Is there a God? If so, how many?
Well... I'm a God believer and I am sure I was not born to die.
I was born in Brazil and I do consider Brazil as not part of America, but an important place in the same world we all live in: Earth.
Would Mr. Obama help this world to live better?
I believe him, but... the Nobel Prize he won... still needs peace to be done.
What is the point of rewarding someone to find the cure for all diseases befores the cure of all diseases were found?

Unknown said...

The argument that YouTube did not ask Obama the marijuana question because he answered it last year has no merit.

For one, the question he answered was about legalizing marijuana to help stimulate the economy. There were MANY marijuana related questions that had to do with non-legalization issues such as: lifting the federal ban on medical marijuana research, protecting sick people for using it as their medicine, decriminalizing possession so that non-violent users of the plant don't have their lives ruined by being slapped with a criminal record, and many more.

Second, when Obama answered the question about ending prohibition last year he did not give a serious answer. He just made a joke about the online community and laughed the question off with a simple "No", providing no explanation for his reasoning.

We as productive members of society deserve better than having our voices censored. It's such a shame to see YouTube commit this act. If they continue their censorship in future Q&A events then this outcry of voters will likely reach Obama which would hopefully encourage him to host his online interviews with a different company.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Citizentube, SHAME.

Anonymous said...

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