Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Demon Sheep Invade California Senate Primary

We always encourage political campaigns to think outside the box when making YouTube videos - after all, if you want a viral video you have to think a bit differently (just ask Mike Gravel). Carly Fiorina, who is one of the Republican challengers to Barbara Boxer's Senate seat in California, has certainly taken that advice to heart...but did she go too far? You can decide for yourself - here's the latest video from the Fiorina campaign:

The video is certainly memorable and will likely see far more views than any scripted television PSA that they upload to their channel. But does the Fiorina camp want voters to think of men dressed in laser-eyed sheep costumes when they think of their candidate? Also, the man narrating the video has a decidedly East Coast accent - perhaps not the best way to court California voters?

Tom Campbell, Fiorina's opponent who is the subject of the ad, is already fundraising off of this video, saying, "Carly' Fiorina's new ad likens fiscal conservatives to sheep, and Tom to a demon sheep, without mentioning a single federal issue or proposing a single solution to America's economic woes," on this donation page.

Will Fiorina strike back against Campbell with another scintillating sheep video or will she perhaps take a safer, more Plouffian Powerpoint path moving forward?


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