Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unions Wield YouTube for Politics

With the U.S. economy in its current fragile state, union organizations are increasingly turning to the Internet to spread their message. Recognized as having tremendous sway over their members, unions all over the country have been keeping a close eye on this year’s presidential race, and are using every means available to ensure that their concerns are addressed—from protesting and petitioning…to posting videos on YouTube.

One such example is TakeBackOhio's YouTube channel, which focuses on the issues that are important to working class families in that state: solid jobs, decent wages, affordable health care, and the right to organize. In their videos, we hear from average workers, local politicians, and union leaders, like this one featuring Timothy Litman, Business Manager for IRON 550.

Another channel in this vein is palabor08, which focuses on issues specific to union workers in Pennsylvania. In this video, BCTGM Local 464 member Peter Wingerter talks about the impact of policies such as NAFTA – and reserves some harsh words for Senator John McCain.

Finally, user robertgalinsky has started a project called Blue Collar For Obama, an interview series featuring union and blue collar workers in New York. Watch this interview with Michael, a former Hillary Clinton supporter, who explains why he’s now supporting the Illinois Senator.


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