Tuesday, July 15, 2008

British PM Digs Digital Discussion

Since April 2007, 10 Downing Street has had a presence on YouTube, attracting over 5,000 subscribers and more than half-a-million channel views. But when Gordon Brown took over from Prime Minister Tony Blair in June of that same year, many observers assumed he would not take to the YouTube environment so readily.

Boy, were they wrong.

In May 2008, Brown launched the first round of his "Ask the PM" initiative, calling upon UK citizens to submit video questions to him through his YouTube channel. Citizens posed their questions, viewers voted--and now the PM has responded. Of the 300 videos submitted, eight rose to the head of the poll, resulting in Brown addressing issues such as taxation, crime, the environment, and civil liberties. He also fielded a request from 14-year-old Adam Kaye who, far from exhibiting apathy, is keen to get involved in the political process as soon as possible:

Brown enjoyed the process so much that the Downing Street channel is already accepting a second round of questions – this time focusing on the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the NHS and its future role in British life. But be quick – voting is set to begin on July 14.

(original post written by Jamie Dolling)


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