Friday, July 11, 2008

CitizenTube Friday Five

A librarian gets booted from a McCain event, the RNC goes after Obama's message of "change," and the media goes "nuts" over Jesse Jackson. Here's this week's Friday Five.

John McCain Kicks Librarian Out of Town Hall Event (caltrider)

A woman finds herself ousted from a John McCain event.

Chris Koster's "Favorite Things" (HarrisforMissouri)

Missourians sing a list of Attorney General Chris Koster's "Favorite Things."

Home on Leave (gettyimages)

Intimate portrait of a U.S. soldier, his wife, and the sacrifices of service. Nuts (twentythreesix)

Parody of media coverage of Jesse Jackson’s most recent verbal faux pas.

Obama's Iraq Problem: Change That Works For Him (rnc)

Latest RNC ad criticizing Obama for his “change” of position on Iraq.


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