Friday, July 10, 2009

Kyle across America: citizen reporter tracks the recession on $25/day

The Uptake, one of YouTube's finest citizen reporting organizations who helped us launch the YouTube Reporters' Center last week with this great video, has started a new project with a University of Minnesota grad student named Kyle Potter. The concept is simple: Kyle hits the road to track how people are coping with the economic recession, using just his iPhone and $25/day for food, lodging, and transportation. Learn more in this promo video from the Uptake (hats off to Chuck Olsen for the excellent voice-over):

An here's a look at Kyle's first episode, from Chicago:


Anonymous said...

How can one get in touch with Kyle?

Mike McIntee said...

Send an email to and we'll pass it along to him.

SoozBot said...

YAY, Sprinkles! Keep on Truckin'!

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