Thursday, July 23, 2009

Endeavour astronauts answer your questions from space

Because the space shuttle Endeavour launched into space last week, NASA Astronaut Mark Polansky and the STS-127 crew aboard invited people to ask them questions about space exploration. Videos came in from all around the world, and many of the questions came from kids, curious to learn more about what it's actually like in space. Now that they're finally in orbit, the STS-127 crew is answering these questions via video and posting them on the NASA YouTube channel.

In this video, Polansky answers 13-year-old Rio Morales's question: "What's the best thing about being in space?"

Cameron, recording a video from England, asks: "What would happen if you were to fly into a black hole?"

Dawn from Indianapolis, Indiana asks: "If youre in a spacesuit, especially on an EVA, and you have to sneeze, how do you deal with that, especially if it splatters? Also, if your nose itches while youre in a spacesuit, how do you deal with that?"

Mission Specialist Dave Wolf responds:


Ann Donnelly said...

These are great. Nice to see the human side of the astronauts!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!'s hoping for their safe return.

Black Templar said...

thats class so it is

ReaperParadox said...

Hello, Patrick Brown, 16, Arlington, TX.
I really hope for your safe return and would just like to say how amazing it is that people can get this involved with space exploration these days.
What's more inspiring than seeing people venture fearlessly into the unknown.

Anonymous said...

"What happens when you sneeze?" Are you serious?

How about "When is NASA planning on telling the American public (and the world) about UFOs and aliens?"

Anonymous said...

Have you seen any wierd looking "life" out there? We're not out here alone.. :)

Anonymous said...

If there is no practical advice for the public, it would be pointless to cause any sort of panic. "Revealing" such information to the masses could only be detrimental. Whether or not Nasa is hiding something, the reason for any such cover-up is completely necessary.

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