Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jason Mattera Making Trouble

The Young America's Foundation, an organization devoted to engaging young people in conservative ideas, has found itself a talented - and plucky - spokesperson in Jason Mattera. Jason's been going under cover to catch his liberal counterparts saying or doing things they'd probably rather not have on video.

A few weeks ago, he gained almost 100K video views for this clip in which he cornered Congressman Charlie Rangel on Capitol Hill, and got Rangel to drop a few unsavory words on camera after attacking him on ethics issues.

This week, Mattera (who works with Hotair's Michelle Malkin to distribute his footage more widely) attended an anti-war rally and posed as a liberal... then got activists to sign a petition against "greed":

Then, Mattera confronted some of the activists who were selling a socialist newspaper.

"Watching them try to explain away the irony of them engaging in capitalism to spread their socialist ideas is priceless," Mattera told Citizentube.


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