Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fox News Goes After Angry Soldier Who Gave Offensive "Motivational" Speech to Iraqi Police

Fox News is pursuing the identity of a U.S. soldier who's become a YouTube notable as of late for this UGC clip of his rant against the Iraqi Police force during a training exercise. The video is interesting though hard to sit through... so far, the Military has denied Fox's request for the identity of the soldier.

According to Fox News:

"The video was shot at least six to eight months ago, according to Maj. Hunter Holliday of the Multinational Force Iraq Media Operations Center. It features a U.S. soldier who begins what seems like a routine training speech for a squad of Iraqi troops. But the volume, pace and sharpness of the soldier’s voice escalates considerably in what becomes a more-than-five-minute lecture -- or tirade, depending on one’s point of view -- on his many issues with the Iraqis’ non-performance."

Here's the video:


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