Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Auditioning Against Same-Sex Marriage

With both Iowa and Vermont legalizing same-sex marriages this week, the topic is on the front page of the news right now. And the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group for GLBT right, is taking an interesting approach to fighting its enemies in the battle over same-sex marriage. Yesterday, the HRC posted a television advertisement created by The National Organization for Marriage to its official YouTube channel. The video features a collection of straight Americans talking about how same-sex marriages affect and damage the quality of their lives and threaten America.

The HRC has strategically allowed two video responses to be associated with the anti-gay marriage commercial: two audition tapes that show a series of different actors in front of a green screen reciting the lines that are used in the commercial. Some actors stumble over their lines, while others smile awkwardly, and most are somewhat unconvincing. At times you can hear the directors giving notes to the actors who are auditioning.

Seeing the juxtaposition of the real ad and the audition tapes is interesting and very much changes the effect of the commercial.

But be the judge for yourself.

Watch the commercial:

Watch Audition Part 1:


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