Friday, August 22, 2008

Convention Winners on the Campaign Trail

Our two Convention Contest Winners, Rich Peters and Shawn Summers, were on the campaign trail this week, following their party's respective presidential nominees. And the behind-the-scenes footage is starting to trickle in.

In his first two videos, Summers takes us on a tour of the famous "Straight Talk Express" bus, then gives us an inside look into the press pool and McCain's security detail as the Senator prepares to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Orlando, FL:

Peters also traveled to Orlando, braving a potential hurricane, where he got to see Obama's speech at the VFW. Afterward, Peters spoke to several veterans and gauged their reactions to the speech (see below), then filmed a thoughtful response video in which he offered his own reactions.

Both Summers and Peters will be at their party's respective conventions - so stay tuned for more videos to come on their channels, jedimaster51090 and richprice78.


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