Saturday, August 30, 2008

Citizentube on the ground in St. Paul

I'm excited to be heading to my home state for the Republican National Convention... just arrived here from Denver and getting ready to pull in lots of great video this week from GOP party leaders, delegates, and guests. Just like we did for the Democrats and Obama in Denver, we'll be collecting video nominations from people here in MN, who will be letting the world know why they are nominating John McCain for President.

No matter where you are, if you're uploading videos this week about the GOP convention, be sure to tag them "2008conventions" so we can find them and post them on our Conventions channel.

We'll also be showcasing the winner of our "Why are you a Republican in 2008?" contest, Shawn Summers. Here's a mash-up of all the best videos we received for the contest.

And, we'll do our best to track down Sarah Palin. For an interesting breakdown on just who this Veep nominee is, check out the Vlogbrothers latest:


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