Friday, August 8, 2008

Citizentube Friday Five

Paris Hilton's video wasn’t the only one that caused a stir in politics this week. Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

Hillary & the ballot (fishsimo)

Hillary Clinton speaks at a recent gathering with her supporters.

McCain: Get to Work (karinmoveon)

Latest attack ad against John McCain from MoveOn.Org.

Obama's Youtube Arrogance Just Became A Nightmare (StudentsofAmerica)

Video mash-up that takes a critical look at Obama’s position on Iraq.

Truth About The Pickens Plan | ZapRoot (viropop)

Citizen journalists take a closer look at T. Boone Pickens’ Energy Plan.

Where on Earth will YOU vote? (votefromabroad)

PSA to encourage Americans living abroad to vote in November.


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