Friday, August 22, 2008

Citizentube Friday Five

Can you tell the difference between Obama and McCain? Exactly what is a "Republicrat"? Will voting in this year’s election change the course of America’s future? And just how many houses does John McCain have? Find out the answers in this week’s Friday Five.

Seven (BarackObamadotcom)

Latest Obama ad targeted against John McCain.

Beautiful Amazing PSA VOTE (hoomandottv)

A voice from the future encourages Americans to go out and vote.

Obama v. McCain Challenge (davisfleetwood)

Obama, McCain…can you tell them apart?

Introducing The Republicrats (Republicrats)

Meet the Republicrats – the newest party in American Politics.

McCain's Mansions (bravenewfilms)

Latest documentary from BNF’s “The REAL McCain” series.


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