Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin protests spread nationally via YouTube

Union protests that began in Wisconsin last week against Governor Scott Walker's bill are still in full effect, with protesters uploading footage regularly to YouTube. Here's a look at the Wisconsin State capitol from yesterday's deafening round of protests:

And what began in Wisconsin is rapidly spreading to other states. This video, uploaded yesterday, depicts a large protest at the Indiana State House:

Citizens from around the United States are also joining this movement and voicing their support for the protesters in Wisconsin - often, in song. In the first video, a Wisconsin public middle-school student sings his original protest song, and in the second, people gather at the Washington State Capitol to offer a rousing rendition of "On Wisconsin" and show their solidarity.

However, we've also seen voices on the other side of the issue, on YouTube. In this video, shot at a government building, members of the Texas Tea Party movement chant, "we support Walker!"


BlackHand said...

Unions are the last thing standing between the serf/lord economy the Republicans would like to bring back and the America we’ve gotten comfortable with since FDR.

Republicans generally see themselves sittin’ on their verandas, sippin’ mint juleps and watching their field-hand serfs work their fields down below.

nic said...

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