Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chile uses YouTube to Expand and Engage on the 2010 Government Achievements

This post was written by Pedro Less Andrade, Public Policy and Government Relations, Google Latin America.

With a view to public transparency, the Government of Chile has made a series of public presentations, in which President Sebastián Piñera and his 22 ministers spoke of the achievements of 2010 and goals for 2011.

All of these presentations were made between Monday, December 20, 2010 and January 13, 2011 in La Moneda Palace and are live at as well as the official website of the Chilean government.

This is the first time that an initiative with this level of public participation and proximity has been undertaken in Chile. Each public account was attended by an audience consisting of members of the public, social organizations, experts in sectoral issues, congressmen, leaders of opinion and the media.

The videos of these events were posted entirety on the official Youtube channel of the Government of Chile ( where they can be viewed by anyone who wishes to see and comment on them.

These methods were used with a view to making the activities accessible to as many people as possible.


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