Thursday, February 17, 2011

What could you do with $3.73 trillion?

Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) takes a creative approach to demonstrate the size of Obama's budget in more 'human' terms. Even though it's a relatively simple video, the message comes across loud and clear -- $3.73 trillion is a LOT of money.


Anonymous said...

Or you could buy 62 Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers!

Why are you supporting defense appropriations that the defense department doesn't want?

Its easy to go after a million here or there that is a drop in the budget but that you can make political hay over.

Why not go after things that would really make a difference.

Like Medicare and SS?

OR not give HUGE tax cuts to wealthy people who don't need them. (Oh forgot, thats who REALLY pays for you to have your job, skip that one)

The presidents commission on cost cutting made real recommendations that will actually do something about the debt.

But those are not easy political footballs that you can throw around.

And how come you don't cut your office cost by 50% Or say YOU have to pay your own Health insurance?

Folks in the congress can't even be bothered to turn out the lights at night.

It's easy to take pot shots. Easy to point out a program that is costing the federal government .00001% of its budget. Not's so easy to rally fix the problem.

Now actually do something about it that will REALLY make a difference.

Ankelz said...

This video is equivalent to me saying: We have a problem, this guy is the source of the problem and this is why. But don't worry, I am going to fix the problem by fixing the problem.

Anonymous said...

point well made. the way to cut deficit is by reducing debt not increasing it

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