Monday, October 25, 2010

Pat Quinn targets Gleeks with new YouTube campaign ad

Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Pat Quinn (D) is taking a page from Will Schuster's book this week -- his latest YouTube campaign ad mimics the fast-paced Glee recap that precedes each new episode. I guess with a name like Quinn, we should be thankful he doesn't appear in the video wearing a Cheerios uniform. Here it is:

You would think that the video would appeal most to Glee die-hards in the Millennial generation but a quick spin through YouTube Insight actually shows us that the video, which has received over 40,000 views since being uploaded three days ago, is actually most popular with men and women, ages 45 and up. Hmm...that seems more like the Principal Figgins than Finn set?

Nevertheless, in a campaign season that has been overwrought with attack ads that are generally mean-spirited, it's somewhat refreshing to see one that uses humor and pop culture to go after an opponent.


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