Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nevada Debate Preview: Crazy juice v. monkey-troubled spending

Next week, Nevada Senate candidates Sharron Angle and Harry Reid will square off in their only debate of the election season - and some of the questions will come from you, through a partnership between YouTube and the Nevada Broadcasters' Association. Want your voice to be heard? You can submit your questions now at

Both candidates been using YouTube creatively to their advantage so, in advance of the debate, let's take a look at their best "made-for-YouTube" work. First up, here's a video that was just released today from the Reid campaign accusing Angle of drinking the "crazy juice" (+1 for the "spiked with DeMint line - clever):

This Angle video also definitely plays the humor card, chiding Reid on his wasteful spending by introducing some colorful examples of stimulus expenditures:

These two videos are definitely entertaining but we're hoping that the debate next week covers serious issues as well - especially the ones that matter to you.


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