Thursday, March 4, 2010

Students use YouTube to plan and document education protests in California

Today, thousands of California students and teachers are protesting proposed cuts to public education across the state - and they're uploading proof to YouTube.

California has seen its fair share of education-related protests in the past few months - upon hearing about tuition hikes across the University of California system, students took to the streets in anger. College students are still a large part today's movement (see this video from UC San Diego), but now, they're not the only piece of it.

Here's a footage from a protest at a middle school in Millbrae, California, uploaded recently to YouTube:

And students are also using YouTube as an organizing tool - this video uploaded yesterday features a cast of student voices and asks fellow students at Monterey Trail High School to join them in today's activities.

The video above is an interesting throwback to the immigration protests of 2006, when high school students used social media like YouTube to stage massive school walkouts.


Anonymous said...

It so great to see young people learning how to effect change positively in traditional ways and through new media! Way to go!

Unknown said...

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