Monday, March 8, 2010

Videos document the Iraqi voting experience from start to finish

More interesting videos are coming into YouTube from yesterday's elections in Iraq:

This footage shows people turning up at their local polling place to vote:

This video documents a man getting searched by security before heading into the polls:

Here, a man puts his ballot into the box and then dips his finger into the purple ink to show that he voted:


van11111 said...

I don't know who you are, whether you are an arm of YouTube or not, but I must say I'm stunned at the statement "We teamed with Al Jazeera..."

Why in the world would you team with Al Jazeera, widely known as the most openly biased "news" organization in the world, to provide ground coverage of the elections in Iraq? Is it any wonder that not one, NOT EVEN ONE, of their postings had anything positive to say about the elections? It shouldn't be a surprise, since they have not had one good thing to say about the new Iraqi government for nearly a decade!

Using coverage from Al Jazeera, an organization so slanted they won't even countenance another opinion by opening their videos to comments, is frankly laughable. Go ahead and try to fool us if you want, but not all of us are as stupid as you must think.

Larry Van

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