Thursday, March 25, 2010

Protesters respond via YouTube to health care bill

The excitement of last August's nationwide health care protests resurfaced this week, following President Obama's signing of the health care reform bill.

Like last year, members of the "Tea Party" movement organized events to express disapproval of the bill, though some of the latest footage is slightly less animated than that from last summer. For example, five hundred people gathered in the rain at this event in Iowa City, but the vibe is reasonably mellow (nobody tears up a sign in the middle of this video):

A more spirited protest emerges when both sides of the aisle are sharing the same sidewalk. In this video, protesters gathered outside of Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) district office in Cleveland. The main protagonist of the video approaches the issue from the left, claiming that the health care bill does not provide "health care for all" as she says Kucinich promised it would. However, in the background of the video, you can see several others calling loudly for a more conservative framing of the bill:


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