Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting an 18-month lead on Political Gaffes

Interesting piece in the Miami Herald-Tribune this morning about Democratic Rep. Keith Fitzgerald, who spotted a video camera-toting Republican oppo-researcher in the back of the room at a recent speech he gave in his home district in Florida.

'"Is this what it has really come to?" asked Fitzgerald, first elected to the Legislature in 2006 to represent northern Sarasota County and a portion of southern Manatee.", the Herald-Tribune reported.

Actually, it came to this quite some time ago. And the RNC is smart to start now, even though the mid-term elections are a year and a half off. If nothing else, following your opponents has the effect of annoying them and throwing them off their game, even if you don't catch them in a gaffe.

Read more in the full article, here.


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