Thursday, May 14, 2009

9-year-old uses YouTube to save kickball lot

This is a great story about a 9-year-old kid in Pittsburgh, PA who used YouTube to protest a new development in his neighborhood that would ruin his favorite kickball lot.

WTAE.TV reports:

"Worried that a favorite kickball lot in the city's Ridgemont neighborhood would be overrun with traffic, Tre Hanis dressed like a TV news reporter and hit the streets to talk about proposed new housing that he said would more than double the community's size.

The plea may have worked. In a preliminary vote Wednesday, all but one member of City Council voted against a zoning change that would allow residential development of 10 forested acres on a 26-acre site near Hamburg Street, along the city's border with Green Tree."


Anonymous said...

This kid is awesome! He's a very convincing speaker and should run for city councilman in the future.

Anonymous said...

I doubght that he really cares about this his parents just put him up to it.

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