Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red River Rising

Citizens in the Red River Valley, which spans across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana, have been preparing for massive flooding for the past several days. The Red River has a history of flooding -- the last major flood was back in 1997 -- and this year is expected to be one of the worst in history.

People and organizations on the ground have been posting videos to YouTube, capturing what conditions are like as the area prepares.

The American Red Cross produced a video for residents with advice for how to prepare safely for the flooding.

Senator Conrad of North Dakota posted a video asking citizens to get involved and help in the preparations:

Many of these videos show the efforts of citizens working together to build walls of sandbags to keep the water out. Officials in Fargo, ND say that at least 2 million sandbags are needed to protect the city.

User jennalee02 made a five-part video diary in Moorhead, MN showing the world what's going on there as residents prep their houses for the flood.

Minnesota Public Radio did an amazing time-lapse video of people sandbagging in the "Fargodome" in Fargo, ND.

And a Coast Guard helicopter posted a video on the official Coast Guard channel of their crew rescuing six people in Abercrombie, ND. (

As the river rises there will surely be more video footage uploaded to YouTube, so stay tuned.


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