Thursday, February 19, 2009

YouTube stars vie for spot on MSNBC

The popular YouTube news show, The Young Turks, is utilizing the success of its YouTube channel and large audience of subscribers to leverage the producers at MSNBC. The cable network purportedly wants to secure a new show for the 7 pm time slot, which currently shows re-runs of Countdown with Keith Olbermann --- and The Young Turks and their fans think the show deserves a shot.

Those who want to see the Young Turks on television have started social media blitz - creating Facebook groups and video petitions that extol the merits of the show's dynamic host, Cenk Uygur. Advocates are sending these messages and evidence of support to the team over at MSNBC, in hopes of influencing the network's decision.

Hre are two of the videos supporting the Young Turks' play for prime-time.


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