Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Taste of Life in the Army Reserves

A few years ago, a sergeant in the US Army Reserves began toting a video camera around with him. Thus far, Sgt 1st class Chris Farley of the 88th Regional Readiness Command at Fort Snelling has created four seasons of his short episodic video program called "The Sight Picture," which gives civilians an insight into everything from what "meals ready to eat" really taste like to what it feels like to crawl through a muddy trench.

Farley set up a YouTube channel for "The Sight Picture," after sharing his videos with members of his Command group and getting lots of positive feedback. Episodes cover a wide range of issues, but aim to show the day-to-day experiences of soldiers serving in the Army Reserve. On the Sight Picture channel page, Farley writes: "The Sight Picture...serves as a channel for Army Reserve Soldiers to tell their story with their words and actions."

Take a look a the most recent episode:


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