Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Federal Eye Asks Your Government, and Gets Answers

Ed O'Keefe, who writes the Federal Eye blog on, started a project several weeks ago called "Ask Your Government" in which he uses the new Google Moderator tool to gather questions from everyday citizens about how the government is run. Ed asked the YouTube community for their questions, and many of you responded.

In this first installment of "Ask Your Government," hundreds submitted questions about how exactly the new administration will institute new policies and enact real change. The community voted on which questions they wanted answered, and Ed took the top ranked question to the experts on Capitol Hill.

The top question this go-round came in from Katie JS of Los Altos, California. Katie asked: "Which agencies do you think we should eliminate?"

Ed answers the question in the following video, in which he interviews Rep. Darrel Issa (R-California) and Chris Edwards, the Director of Tax Policy at the Cato Institute.

Have a question for YOUR government? Visit the Federal Eye's Google Moderator page to submit a question for Ed to answer.


Anonymous said...

my god will we ever get same sex federal health benefits? This would help stimulate gay couples......treat us fairly, please.......

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