Thursday, January 15, 2009

New York City on YouTube

Today, just three days after the House and Senate announced their official presence on YouTube, Mayor Bloomberg launched his YouTube channel for the New York City Mayor's office. Mayor Bloomberg's channel, which can be found at, features a personal welcome to the YouTube channel from Bloomberg himself, as well as a 7 minute profile of New York City that serves as the introduction to the forthcoming "State of the City" video address.

In Bloomberg's "welcome" video, he explains that before taking office, he built a business designed to "provide as much information to the consumer as quickly as possible," and that he feels "government should be no different." The only difference is that now, he says, the consumer is you, the tax-payer.

The Mayor promises to work hard to make government more open, transparent and accountable, and aims to use his YouTube channel to this end. Welcome Mayor Bloomberg to YouTube and check out his new channel!


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