Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ultimate Golden Ticket

When world leaders flock to Davos, Switzerland this week to participate in the World Economic Forum's annual meeting, the mood will undoubtedly be more subdued than in previous years. The global financial crisis has left the traditional powerhouses of the event - banks and big business - in a weakened state. As the Wall Street Journal reported this morning, it's now governments who will take a leading role at the Forum, as heads of state from 40 countries examine if and how bailouts and buy-offs can revive their flagging economies, and what other solutions exist.

Joining these governments and leaders in Davos this year will be Pablo Camacho of Bogota, Columbia, the winner of YouTube's Davos Debates program in partnership with the World Economic Forum. Along with 250 other YouTube users, Camacho submitted his video answering one of the four key questions posed on the Davos Debates YouTube channel. Camacho decided to answer the question, "Should CEO's have a code of ethics similar to those of doctors and lawyers?"

But Pablo's golden ticket to Davos won't be the only avenue for the voice of the people to reach the leaders assembled for WEF. At four different sessions throughout the Forum, clips of YouTube videos submitted by YouTubers will be shown to the leaders assembled there, giving them the chance to hear what people around the world are saying about the future of the global economy. In addition, a YouTube booth at WEF will play videos from YouTube users and ask world leaders for responses - stay tuned to the Davos Debates channel to see the content coming in.


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